Meet Dana ~

Elmhurst Photographer

Photography has been a lifelong passion. I love being behind the camera and catching those moments between family and friends.

Family Photography

Photography has been such a special pathway for me through my life. We were blessed with three amazing children that have given us so much to look forward to in life. Seeing life through their eyes has been so exciting. I've been able to keep our family archived through my photography and have been blessed to do the same for other families. 

My most important and favorite role in life, is being a mom. We absolutely love to travel and capture our adventures together. As a family, our most important goal is for our children to have good memories to look back on. We love exploring, laughing and getting messy together, although my husband has declared a dislike for our sand and glitter projects. The art teacher in me just wants to get paint between our fingers...and toes. Joey (10), Sara (8) and Jack (5) have brought so much personality and joy into our lives ~ and only a few grey hairs. Each year I am able to gift them a book of memories that I have taken during our days. Each night before bed they get to look through their books and smile and remember our time together. "The days are long, but the years are short" is my motto. This temporary time seems to go by faster the older they get. I love being able to capture a little moment in time to keep. Let's capture your memories too! 

I love candid and lifestyle photography. This style of photography captures feelings. I love looking back on a photograph to laugh, cry or smile (all of the above) from that specific memory. I love the real moments. Get them, snap them, live in them. In home, on locations, at your favorite park, we can set up a perfect home to capture your special moments. 

Let’s work together to capture those little moments.