Baby Toes


Seriously I can write an entire post on baby feet and toes, that’s a problem! There is nothing more perfect than just kissing those little feet. Once they get to a certain age, they change, they get extra dirty, and they do get a little stinky. But baby feet and toes, they are just snuggle worthy. They also are just the best measuring tool to see how fast your little one grows! I always promised myself of all the artwork we collect and make, I will never throw out art that has hand prints or foot prints on them. This captures just that exact time and how little they were. When our first little boy arrived, someone had given us a foot imprint kit. I remember being so timid to press his little foot into the clay as I could hurt him. It still hangs on my wall and I just sometimes look at his ginormous feet now and miss but love the growth. The little tiny prick mark from the blood test upon arrival, the markings from the ink they put on the minute they are cleaned up, and just the gentleness about these little tootsies. I always take my own kids feet and measure  them on my hand, and they used to fit in my palm. Now…now they are squished into shoes most likely a size too small because they are constantly growing out of shoes. Love these little toes, love capturing that littleness of them.

In Living Color


Music + Photography loves = bad song names per blog titles. I’ve been in a black and white kick lately. When I meet with my clients, I always remind them they will receive both color and black and white images. I emphasize the black and white. I feel black and white images are such an amazing, emotional, and just simple impactful additions to a session.

There is something about the timelessness and classical look to black and white images. I love the feeling that they are more emotional with such less involving the color processing. How simple, just black and white with tones of black or white to create such amazing image. When I walk through friends and families homes, I always see a majority of larger prints in black and white. They are statement pieces. My brain always operates in prints while I’m shooting. I’m shooting for the wall -where will you hang this – or I see a large unframed canvas with this image – or I see a gallery wall with close ups of each of your children on a wood frame or canvas with dark black frames on your wall. I mean really, I am traffic control for the output of your photographs!


When I was learning to shoot on film, I used to love shooting black and white film. I also was slightly obsessed with the Ansel Adams approach with the temperature sensitive film as well. And I might as well admit, I’m so excited the ability to produce image in color and black and white so easily now, just leads to endless possibilities.

When I look back on images and photographers work in which has impacted me so much, I always feel when shooting composition to study people, black and white are so powerful. To capture nature and landscape, color is amazing. Telling a story through imagery and lifestyle photography, can remain timeless with the simple black and white film effect.

I am so interested in other people views regarding their imagery. Black and White ~OR~ Color?